Justification of the Programme

The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance blends accounting, finance and information technology to meet the emerging demand for “hybrid” professionals. Graduates will be able to perform computer enabled accounting and finance and apply sound management and accounting principles to planning, managing and controlling information technology projects. They will fill jobs as accountants, systems analysts, business and financial analysts and managers.

This programme fits well with the vision and mission of the Jordan University College. Graduates will be eligible to precede towards professional accounting, finance and information systems credentials. .


Total cost Per Year 1,710,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

  • Graduates with knowledge and the ability to construct substantial programs for users.
  • Graduates who are able to analyse the information requirements of organisations, to design appropriate systems within which computers may play a part, and with longer experience to implement these systems.
  • Graduates who are able to control the storage and transmission of data, the operation of computer hardware and software. Current names for such people are system administrators and network administrators.
  • Graduates who can work in accounting, auditing, banking, finance and marketing.
  • Graduates who are capable of attempting and easily passing the professional bodies (NBAA, NBMM, etc.) examinations
  • Graduates who can also go on to do postgraduate studies in either ICT or Business Administration and become trainers in their areas of specialisation.
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