Justification of the Programme

The continent of Africa, just like every other continent in the world, is a wonderful and unique place. It is unique by virtue of the particular characteristics of her peoples, geography, history, wealth, politics, economy, social life, religion and traditions. In particular, it is unique because of her people's ways of life and conception of reality and worldview. Alongside with these, Africa has a long history which has been marked by various memorable events, e.g. the beginning of human civilisation along the river Nile and the master piece of engineering construction work in the name of the great pyramids in ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, Africa's social and political history has gone through unpleasant stages, e.g. the slave trade, the partition of Africa, colonisation and neo-colonisation, and the subsequent struggle for independence. Despite all this, Africa has contributed to the entire world human community in a special way, e.g. it is considered to be the cradle of humanity. The oldest human remains have so far been found only in Africa and advancement in science and technology supports the theory that all people came out of Africa. The diversity of the African peoples is remarkable; with very intricate, rich and multifaceted cultural, religious and belief systems. The African peoples, in all areas of life, have many similarities and differences with other peoples in the world. It is in this light that Jordan University College wishes to embark on an African Studies Programme focusing on the reality of Africa and her people, past, present and future. In so doing, the College aims to enlighten the students with the possibilities and challenges that Africa is facing in the contemporary globalised world, and empower them so as to play an active role in the continent's effort to realise itself and find its own space in its effort to recognise her place, role and contribution. In view of the above, there is therefore the urgent need to explore and underline the unique qualities and capacity of Africa and make use of them for re-defining African identity as well as its potential.


Total cost Per Year 1,710,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

The programme will help the student in the following:

  • It will furnish the students with the knowledge of African Psychology and Sociology hence enabling them to get jobs in most NGOS which deal with African problems.
  • It will enable the students to get job in the tourism industry.
  • It will enable them to ask the right questions and seek to know the correct answers regarding Africa, her people and their history.
  • It will help the student to think critically, overcoming illusions and premature judgments and conclusions about Africa and the African people.
  • It will help the student to know the underlying causes, reasons and principles of the multifaceted African reality in general and in particular.
  • It will help the student to know African issues, past, present and future.
  • It will help the student to know the place of Africa in the world, her role and contribution to the well-being of humanity.
  • It will help the student to address with clarity the seemingly incredible reality that Africa is rich in natural resources yet it is poor in development!
  • It will help the student to address the challenges that Africa is facing today and hopefully think of possible workable solutions to such problems.
  • It will enable the student to have a thorough, comprehensive and scientific knowledge regarding the intricate African reality.

The programme is designed to address the intellectual needs and preparation for the following groups of students:

  • All students who want to major in African Studies and make a career in this field
  • Professional people and particularly foreigners who want to live and work in Africa
  • All other students who want to make African Studies the base of their intellectual development, those who may later on want to proceed to other disciplines or seek jobs working in the Government or NGOs, advance in disciplines such as, law, political science, economics, foreign policy and international relations, specialised ministry in Africa, journalism, etc.


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