Jordan University College offers the Bachelor of Business Administration in the following specializations:




Justification of the Programme

The programme focuses on practicing managers with at least three year experience at managerial position, aspiring to manage and lead businesses in a globalized world. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills in a practical and experiential learning environment. Lectures, seminars, case studies, reports presentations and guest speakers will form part of the delivery process. Students will acquire an in-depth knowledge of all the functional areas of business in the two taught parts of their training. Students will further write a thesis that analyses a company problem that has strategic importance. Subsequently students will be required to write their theses that demonstrate their ability to apply theoretical foundations in studying a company problem that has strategic importance.


Total cost Per Year 1,770,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

  • Select and apply management theories for practical decision making
  • Effectively and efficiently identify, analyse deploy and develop organizational resources
  • Demonstrate analytical, planning, implementation and control competences in all functional areas of business
  • Demonstrate effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrate competence in identifying major national, regional and global developments relevant to businesses
  • Demonstrate ability to apply theory in their quest to solve strategic company problems 
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