Justification of the Programme

JUCO together with St. Augustine University of Tanzania, as a training institution, wants to devote to the advancement of economic policy research and capacity building to enable our poor economies to grapple with the above challenges. The university wants to do so by initiating and undertaking economic research and build the capacity of economic researchers and policy makers by training the potential researchers and involving them in field practical with research component. Moreover, St. Augustine University of Tanzania, being a catholic university, wants to produce economists with high moral integrity backed up with the zeal of patriotism.


Total cost Per Year 1,710,000 TZS 

Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

The programme will help the student in the following:

  • To produce economists who posses a solid understanding of the global economy and have the skills required to evaluate and manage risk in a global setting.
  • To impart knowledge that will empower students to become one of the broadminded economic researchers.
  • To maximize students’ flexibility in the job market, keep doors open and be in demand because of their quantitative skills.
  • To enable students to be ready to take on challenging positions in global business, finance, or the public sector, in fields such as international market research, global mutual funds, or policy evaluation.
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