Justification of the Programme

Since the beginning, the former Institute of Philosophy and Theology (now the Jordan University College) had the intention of launching a BSc and Diploma of Psychology and Counselling since such programmes harmonize well with its mission of formation of ministers of the Catholic Church and the people in general. Psychology and Counselling are always included in the Philosophy and Theology programmes since the formation of ministers of the Catholic Church requires that they have good background in this area. However, there was no specialized institute that offered psychology and counselling in the country. Those who wanted to do so were supposed to go aboard. Therefore, the need to launch such a programme was long overdue. This need for a degree and diploma programmes for Psychology and Counselling in our country was also felt by many non Catholic people who wanted to serve others as psychologists and counsellors, especially as HIV and AIDS blighted our continent.


Total cost Per Year 1,770,000 TZS 


Duration of the Programme

This is a three year programme

Objectives of the Programme

  • To bring awareness to the people of the need and function of professional psychologists and counsellors in our changing times
  • To train people who wish to help others as qualified psychologists and counsellors
  • To enrich our society with professionals in psychology and counselling who can bring better services in their lives, in the economic, social, political, spiritual, cultural, and health spheres
  • To give graduates, especially our youth, a wider range of choice of employment
  • To prepare well the diploma graduates in order to be able to assist in all areas of human life under the guidance of higher professionals
  • To enable the graduates to continue with their higher studies and research, especially in our contemporary African contexts. 
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