Objectives of the Programme

The Jordan University College programme in African Studies is a multi-disciplinary programme focusing on some important themes regarding Africa in particular and the continent within the context of the entire world in general. The programme aims to furnish students with knowledge regarding Africa under the following themes: social, cultural, moral, historical, political, economic, developmental, demographic, environmental, literature and arts, philosophical and religious. The programme aims to enable its students to develop a critical and analytical approach to the aforementioned themes. It aims to convey to the students a methodology and the training necessary to undertake and articulate a broad-based multi-disciplinary study of past, contemporary and future African issues which are more pressing in contemporary Africa.

The Diploma programme in African Studies allows flexibility in course choice while, at the same time, focusing on core interdisciplinary areas of African Studies. The programme is designed to accommodate students who are qualified in accordance with the entrance qualification. The programme prepares students by giving them good adequate skills, a firm foundation in knowledge about Africa and her people and an excellent base for further studies and research regarding African issues and the application of the knowledge acquired in the field

The programme is designed to address the intellectual needs and preparation for the following groups of students:

  1. All students who want to major in African Studies and make a career in this field;
  2. Professional people and particularly foreigners who want to live and work in Africa;
  3. All other students who want to make African Studies the base of their intellectual development, those who may later on want to proceed to other disciplines or seek jobs working in the Government or NGOs, advance in disciplines such as, law, political science, economics, foreign policy and international relations, specialised ministry in Africa, journalism, etc.


Direct Entry Scheme Requirements for the Diploma in African Studies (NTA Level 5 & 6):

  • At least one principal pass in any subject obtained from Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSEE). 
  • Certificate from accredited institution 
  • At least four passes obtained from Ordinary Secondary Education (CSEE).

NB: Candidates seeking admission through Equivalent Entry Scheme should contact the Admission Office
For more information go to 
Admission & Requirements


Total cost Per Year  1,160,000 TZS

Duration of the Programme

The Jordan University College diploma programme in African Studies is a two (2) year programme.

Programme Contents

The Jordan University College programme in African Studies covers sixteen (16) areas with courses distributed two (2) years for the Diploma programme. The following are the areas covered, namely, introductory courses, e.g. Introduction to African History, Introduction to Logic, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Philosophy, Research Methodology, Development Studies, Philosophy and Theology in Africa, Ethics and Social Issues in Africa, Politics and Economy in Africa, African History, Religions in Africa, Specific Contemporary Issues in Africa, Applied African Human Sciences, Languages, African Literature and Arts.

Course Duration

The Jordan University College programme in African Studies has courses in the following two classifications. The majority of the courses are for three (3) hours and therefore three (3) units and the rest are for two (2) hours and two units.

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